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Rehabilitative stretching and strengthening

This is why we are different!

We often treat people who have treated previously elsewhere. In some cases the individual may have treated through a wide array of disciplines with minimal results and are left frustrated. Many instances their results were limited because an important step was not addressed. If there is a muscle imbalance that is not corrected there will be limited improvement and you will be doomed to repeat the symptoms. This is why exercise and stretching are important steps in your treatment plan.

Rehabilitative stretching

Stretching is performed for joint mobilization and to increase range of motion. Gradual and controlled elongation of the muscle through the full range of motion is used to relax muscular spasms which limit joint range of motion. A muscle is brought to slight resistance at its end range and is held, after which the patient relaxes. Stretching and relaxing the muscle is repeated as new barriers are reached. Step by step the body responds, normal and balanced range of motion is restored.

Rehabilitative strengthening

Exercise is one of the best ways to help ease back pain and prevent back pain in the future. When you exercise, your muscles pull on your bones, putting weight and pressure on them. The bone and joints adjust to these pressures. Imbalanced muscles can be the cause of joint dysfunction. Conversely joint dysfunction can also lead to imbalanced muscles. Proper muscle strength and balance helps you avoid injury and perform at an optimum level.

The result of incorporating exercise and stretching

The combination of chiropractic care with stretches and exercise allows for a quicker, more complete healing and reduces the chances of pain in the future. Strong flexible muscles will add strength, support and stability to your body. Not to mention increased metabolism, ideal weight and helps promote a more youthful appearance as you age. Ultimately your performance and endurance will be the best you can be!